strom wiggle wart brown sc craw
storm wiggle wart pb&j crawstorm wiggle wart bonestorm wiggle wart red crawstorm wiggle wart watermelonstorm wiggle wart tenn shadstrom wiggle wart blue red lipstorm wiggle wart blazin blue uv

Storm Wiggle Wart Crankbait


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Great for targeting finicky fish of any species, the Wiggle Wart is a fabled lure with many a fish story to be told. Legendary side-to-side action at all speeds with a loud rattle and just the right patterns for any condition. Featuring premium VMC super-sharp hooks, this lure is effective fished anyway, anywhere.

Length  2”      Running Depth 7′ – 18′

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Peanut Butter & Jelly Craw, Bone, Red Craw, Watermelon, Tenn Shad, Brown Scale Craw, Blue Red Lip, Blazin Blue UV