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Reaction Innovation Sweet Beaver


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Product Description

Reaction Innovations has been able to perfect fantastic two and three color shots that

give the Sweet Beaver great swirl and two-tone patterns. The body of the Sweet Beaver

features forward facing ribs that create lots of pressure waves that let bass know something

is moving and offers bass a texture that they seem to like when they inhale the lure. The centerline

is recessed for better hook penetration but the ‘nose’ of the lure is thick to hold your hook without

tearing on every fish. The long, flat, beaver tail is textured on the flat surfaces and along the edge,

and it’s splitable so you can have a twin tail look.

Length  4.2”     Quantity  10


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Big Texan, Juicy, Cali 420, Dirty Sanchez, Houdini, Infection, Okeechobee Craw