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Grande Bass Airtail Wiggler


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Product Description

The  GrandeBass AirTail Wiggler is a new breed in soft plastic finesse

worms.  A sleek, slightly ribbed body tipped with the ringed AirTail Chamber

that keeps the worm floating up in bass’s line of sight.  A supreme Tx Rig,

Shaky head, Neko Rig & Carolina Rig product. And on a Wacky Rig, you

can dial in your desired fall rate by adding 1 or 2 split-shot weights depending

on the rate of fall and wiggle you need. Just insert and seal the AirTail Chamber

with glue. Want to add some sound to your AirTail Wiggler? Insert a rattle to the

AirTail Chamber. 

Length  6.5”      Quantity  15

airtail wiggler, soft plastics, grande bass

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Black Blue Fleck, Ballistic Bluegill, Chartreuse Pepper, Falcon Craw, June Bug, RedBug, Sour Tomato, Ssabednarg, Trophy Hunter, Watermelon Red Flake, Watermelon Chartreuse Pepper