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Grande Bass 5” AirTail Rattler


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Product Description

The 5” AirTail Rattler may be one of the most innovative worm designs to come to market. Years in design and development, this new product gives anglers multiple options with one lure. With the patent-pending AirTail Chamber, anglers get a variety of options to adapt to real-time fishing situations. Right out of the package you will get a bait that has that tail floating advantage you want on a Texas Rig, C- Rig, Shaky Head and Weightless Rig. If you want to attract some attention to your fishing presentation, insert the custom designed rattle to the AirTail Chamber.

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Watermelon Red Flake, Blue Fleck, Smokin Shad, Wtrm Chart, Chart Pepper, Green Pumpkin, Watermelon Seed